Link11 protects your business

Red Alert: DDoS attacks are still increasing and are bigger and more dangerous than ever.

Link11 offers fully managed services to protect your cloud and on-premise networks, allowing you to focus on your core business.

1. Smarter
Thanks to self-learning AI, your systems are optimally protected, no matter how massive or persistent an attack may be.

2. Faster
Our automated, real-time protection solution fends off attacks, including unknown and new patterns, in less than 10 seconds. Guaranteed.

3. Safer
Two separate or, if desired, combined solutions to protect your network infrastructures and your web applications alike.

Q1 2021 DDoS attack increase compared to Q1 2020:

+ 128%

Approximate cost per downtime minute:

17,000 Euro

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    Reliable and Proven:
    Link11’s intelligent DDoS Protection solution

    Link11 offers the best time-to-mitigate (0 – 10 seconds) to defend against DDoS attacks, even at the highest volume. Based on our SLAs that are tailored specifically to our customers, we offer an uptime guarantee at a competitive price. Get peace of mind and more safety now.

    Cloud-based DDoS Protection

    Link11 – We protect your business

    All your benefits at a glance

    In this overview, you will find the special features of our technology explained in an easy-to-understand yet detailed manner:

    • Why is Link11 the best partner for you?
    • What makes our DDoS Protection special?
    • How does our technology work?
    • What does our global network look like?
    • How do we protect infrastructure and web applications?

    Exclusive DDoS info material available

    DDoS Report 2021 – 1st half-year

    This report provides an informative overview about the threat of DDoS throughout the first half-year of 2021, including statistics and graphics.

    DDoS Protection Buyer’s Guide

    A breakdown of which aspects you should pay special attention to when choosing the ideal DDoS protection provider.

    Ransom DDoS attacks

    Link11 and NimbusDDoS explain how cyber extortionists operate and what this means for enterprise IT security.

    Case Study: Krystal Hosting

    Krystal Hosting wanted to boost their availability and performance, while also improving the protection against DDoS attacks.

    Case Study: Arvato Systems

    A case description about how Arvato Systems will defend against DDoS attacks in the future, with the help of Link11.

    Link11 offers a variety of different services that can be purchased in packages of varying levels. Whether you’re looking for free basic protection, or all-encompassing security, you can count on one thing; you’re always in the best hands when protected by Link11.