Link11 at WHDusa 2017

09/11/2017    Las Vegas, Tropicana Hotel
Link11 at WHDusa 2017

Visit Link11 at WHDusa 2017 in Las Vegas

Find Link11 at WHDusa in Las Vegas, from September 11th-12th at Tropicana Hotel, at stand no.4 to learn more about the current DDoS threat situation and different types of real-time DDoS protection offered by Link11. Beside this, Link11 will provide:

  1. Current DDoS reports with exclusive statistics and analysis
  2. Information on the patent pending Link11 DDoS Protection for webservers and IT infrastructures
  3. Information on the Link11 DDoS Protection for hosting providers
  4. Attractive reseller options for the Link11 DDoS Protection

speed.SESSION about "The Link11 Story - Tackling the Challenge of DDoS for Hosters"

Our Sales Director UK Colin Ball will talk about how Link11 solves the DDoS challenge for hosting providers on Tuesday, September 12th at 3:10 pm.

Established in 2005 Link11 has been pioneering DDoS protection since the early days of attacks. Founded as a Hosting Provider Link11’s DDoS Protection was developed to protect its own customers and network originally. Due to the patent-pending and self-engineered DDoS Protection Cloud, Link11 emerged as one of the leading DDoS protection providers worldwide. Our experience as a hosting provider enables Link11 to exactly understand the real challenges and issues that hosting providers face when it comes to the mitigation of DDoS attacks that target either their infrastructure or their customers. The infrastructure has been developed to filter out all dangerous DDoS attacks from Layer 3 to Layer 7 and is used by a lot of our clients as an IP transit network as well. It is based on a powerful high-performance network with global scrubbing centres that not only solve the DDoS challenge for large business clients but also for data centres and hosting providers including all useful measures to protect the hosted customers and avoid any downtime in the case of attacks.

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