CDN by Link11

Everything from one source – The Content Delivery Network from Link11 is the perfect addition to the Link11 DDoS Protection and guarantees availability of your files where they are needed.

Accelerate your Files

CDN by Link11

Nowadays content and applications have to reach customers and businesses faster than ever before. The Conent Delivery Network developed by Link11 connects users and business within short periods as the loading times are shortened. The performance is boosted by making content and applications globally available.

A network of locally distributed servers takes care of Link11’s worldwide availability. The servers are connected to the most important Internet exchange points of every country and are responsible for the fast loading of videos and images.

Perfect combination to Link11 DDoS Protection

Everything from one Source – The CDN from Link11 is the ideal combination to your Link11 DDoS protection and protects your files there where they are needed.

Set your individual Data Privacy

In your WebGUI you have various settings. Thanks to white- and blacklisting functions you have full control over who can see your website and from which nodes they will receive their data

Intelligent Distribution

The CDN from Link11 supports Anycast to make your files available everywhere. By sharing one IP address for all nodes the data can be requested even faster as the closest available node will receive the request. The redundancy of multiple servers makes sure that the next server can be addressed when one has gone down without users noticing.

CORS Header

So far the Same-Origin Policy (SOP) was the standard to guarantee domain security. But now Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) is gaining popularity as it allows full access of domains without borders. The headers permit browsers and server to communicate and to define what requests are allowed. The Link11 CDN offers full settings of CORS and guarantees secure communication between various domains.

Fast Technology

The CDN from Link11 increases the website performance on average by 50%. State-of-the-art SSD flash drives give users at least double the loading speed of files. This saves bandwidth and costs!

Fast Content Access Globally

Accelerate your web performance! The Content Delivery Network from Link11 now connects users with content and applications faster than ever before, as locally distributed servers always have pre-loaded content at hand.

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Link11 Supernodes Partner CDN Locations