This blog is dedicated to analyses and research of cyber security topics and the protection from DDoS attacks provided by the Link11 Security Operation Center (LSOC). Covering multiple aspects of the DDoS threat , it provides in-depth, content rich information for IT professionals and private users.

11/26/2020        Cyber Security
How E-Commerce Retailers Can Thwart Black Friday DDoS Attacks

Online retailers are planning for a big Black Friday – but so are cybercriminals. In this article, Link11’s Security Operations Center describes how retailers can prevent DDoS attacks and keep their websites safe

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11/24/2020        Threat Landscape
Ransomware: A Tool for Cyber Blackmail

Blackmail by anonymous cybercriminals is an acute threat to companies of all sizes. Hackers also target administrations and government authorities. Only a comprehensive approach to IT security can offer reliable protection against the pervasive danger posed by ransomware.

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11/23/2020        Cyber Security
Bot Traffic: What You Need to Know

Bot traffic consists of any non-human interaction with your website and applications. While some bots are essential, others can cause serious damage and are hard to identify. To manage bot traffic, organizations need a bot management solution that can distinguish between good and bad bots in real-time with no human intervention.

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11/05/2020        Cyber Security
How and Why You Should Block Bots on Your Business Website

A typical organization with 1,000+ employees experiences over 500 bot attacks every day. While conventional tactics like WAFs and secure coding are ineffective, cloud-based solutions can identify bad bots in real-time and block them from accessing your website and applications.

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10/22/2020        Press
DDoS Protection for WISAG from Link11

Link11 protects WISAG's IT infrastructure against DDoS attacks and secures the company's increasingly digitalized working environment

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09/22/2020        Press
 Cloud Distribution & Link11 Team up to Offer Redefined, Cloud-based, Cyber Resilience to UK Market

New partnership gives VARs access to a patented suite of security solutions including DDoS protection and Bot management

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09/08/2020        Threat Landscape
DDoS Report 2020: The Biggest attacks in the First Half of the Year (infographic)

The first six months of 2020 underlined the fact that the consequences of DDoS attacks are no longer solely limited to companies that are attacked. Our timeline highlights incidents where the damage was particularly severe.

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09/01/2020        Threat Landscape
Armada Collective: DDoS Blackmailers Attack the Hosting Industry

Link11 is cautioning hosting providers to beware of a new wave of DDoS blackmail attacks by the Armada Collective. As recently as mid-August, attackers using the name Fancy Bear used DDoS attacks to put pressure on operators of critical infrastructure and financial services.

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08/20/2020        Threat Landscape
Warning from Link11 as Aggressive Fancy Bear DDoS Attackers Return

Fancy Bear extortion emails demand Bitcoin transfers and threaten lengthy, high-volume attacks over 2,000 Gbps, with critical infrastructure providers targeted most

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08/06/2020        Threat Landscape
Link11 H1 2020 DDoS Report Reveals a Resurgence in DDoS Attacks During COVID-19 Lockdowns

Attacks in April, May and June 2020 more than double compared with Q2 2019, and attacks using public cloud infrastructure increase

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